Two pieces folder gluer

Two pieces folder gluer
Manufacturer: PRC
Size: (450 x 300) - (1.150 x 1.150) mm
Weight: 3.000 kg
Power Req.: 380 V / 50 Hz
Installed power: 9 kW
Used space: 3.570 x 3.300 x 1.320 mm
Warranty: 1 year
Availability: In Stock
Delivery: immediately
Status: New


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This machine posses a great versatility for sitching cardboard for big boxes. With it you can do the binding operation faster and from a one-time bonding.

This machine also incorporates a suction feed mechanism, which allows the cardboard to be kept in the best possible position, resulting in the least amount of waste possible. When you combine this with the fact that it has a glue temperature, you have the machine you need.

It has 2 independent clutches, one on the right, the other on the left side.

It is possible to build two-piece boxes as well as one-piece boxes; the maximum openn dimension for a one-piece box is 2.300 x 1.150 mm.

The maximum speed is 3000 pieces per hour and is dependent on the operator's competence.

PLC machine control with touch screen dispay.

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