Paper zig-zag - folder - pleater

Paper zig-zag - folder - pleater
Manufacturer: PRC
Size: 32 - 650 mm
Weight: 350 kg
Power Req.: 220 V / 50 Hz
Installed power: 0,75 kW
Used space: 1.550 x 750 x 1.100 mm
Warranty: 1 an
Availability: Available on order
Delivery: 75 - 90 zile
Status: NEW

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Production line, commanded by freqency coverters with computerized settig of the parameters (creasing distance, working speed, etc.)

This equipment must be fed with paper rolls between 32 and 650 mm.

The lenghtwise cutting unit allows the cut of the master roll in different sizes, depending on the necessity.

The folding unit produces the zig-zag pleat of the paper at a depth of 8 to 55 mm.

The machine works with thin papers (17g/sqm), up to air filter, composites, meshes, aluminium foils and others.  

Cuvinte cheie: machine machinery pleat fold zig zag paper pleat pleating;

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